Growing challenge will shape the future of farming

With nine billion or more people to feed by 2050 in a resource-constrained world, the success of the agriculture sector is crucial to us all, writes Mike Scott

At the centre of a complex web

From climate change to population growth, the pressures on food producers are intensifying. Mike Scott reports

Technology grows fields of hope

Precision agriculture is helping farmers get the most from their land, writes Jim McClelland

Putting money where hungry mouths need it

There are many investment opportunities in agriculture, but the complexities of the food supply chain create risks, as Sarah Murray reports

Food supply must not cost the Earth

Meat, fish and grain are vital foodstuffs, but if we cannot make production and consumption more sustainable, we are in serious trouble, writes Flemmich Webb

Blemish balm boom and timeless allure of lipstick

Why is it that when share prices plummet, sales of cosmetics soar? When it comes to explaining economic theories, it’s just a case of history, as Bethan Cole reports

Cities need smart thinking

Many see a smart city as one where a network of sensors brings together data to be analysed for the more effective management of its systems. Yet this alone will not solve a city’s problems of finance, sustainability and the protection of its citizen’s health, security and wellbeing, writes Felicia Jackson

Innovation pays off for city life

Low-carbon transport systems, buildings that automatically switch off electrical appliances when energy demand is high, increased efficiency and lower operational costs are all good reasons why cities should spend scare resources on smart upgrades, as first Felicia Jackson and then Jess McCabe discover