Robots, smart drugs and stand-up meetings

Robots, smart drugs and stand-up meetings

Charles Orton-Jones realises it’s impossible to predict the future, but sees some pointers showing the possible direction of work culture to come

Humans need not apply

Humans needs not apply

Machines are poised to take over even top decision-making jobs as the artificial intelligence revolution gathers pace, writes Michael Odell

Innovating in ever-faster world

The pace of change is quickening as successive technological breakthroughs accelerate innovation, writes Charles Orton-Jones

Are robots virtually the real thing?

Virtual companies are already a reality thanks to outsourcing, writes Sally Percy, who discovers “robots” are set to become the outsourcers of the future

Robots take over the rock face

It sounds like science fiction, but as Juliet Samuel reports, autonomy is advancing in a land of giant machines

Killing the cancer without harming healthy cells

Deciding on treatment for prostate cancer can seem like a minefield and many options carry huge risk of side effects which can impact on quality of life, writes Victoria Lambert

Glasses that can read emotions in a sales pitch

In a fast-moving technological world, science fiction is fast becoming science fact, as Stephen Armstrong discovers

Automation will work for UK manufacturers

Mike Wilson, chairman of the British Automation and Robot Association, says robots are a business’s best friend