Could robots be our best buddies?

David Hanson with his Sophia robot

Should robots resemble humans or be easily distinguished from their masters?

Goodbye CFO? Bots and blockchain are taking over soon


Three chief financial officers from major global companies tell how artificial intelligence is changing their departments and roles

Learning new skills to work with robots

Learning with robots

Changes at work involving automation will usher in a transformational period when employees must learn and be supported in how to adapt

Smart observations about the future

Gerd Leonhard futurist

Being a futurist in a fast-moving digital age can be tricky, so Gerd Leonhard doesn’t do predictions – he makes smart observations

Software ‘robots’ cut outsourcing costs and boost profit


Robotic process automation is already transforming aspects of outsourcing, enhancing efficiency, cutting labour costs and boosting profits, while freeing workers from boring, repetitive tasks

Firms must embrace AI or risk being left behind

Robot lawyers or artificially intelligent software offer law firms an opportunity to enhance and expand their practice while allowing the legal experts to concentrate on their core business

Rise of the machines

Activists are trying to convince the international community to pre-emptively ban weapons systems that can pick and strike targets without meaningful human control