Hardware vs. software: which wins in manufacturing?

Great mechanics need great instructions, and manufacturers upgrading to smart factories will need to balance their investments in both hardware and software to stay ahead of the competition

Lack of R&D funding is holding UK innovation back

Additional funding for research and development is key to UK innovation and engineering excellence

SBRI: driving innovation for the public sector

The concept of the public entrepreneur as a force for good in our economy and society is increasingly gaining traction as a powerful model of enterprise innovation

Expert advice worth millions

£50 notes

Generous tax credits are available to UK businesses undertaking research and development programmes, but without help many companies are not seeing the full benefit. It’s time that changed

Fighting disease to prolong healthy lives

Biotech innovation

New alliances and approaches to research and development in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors are accelerating the production of life-saving medicines

Shifting focus to strategic solutions


Laura Doughty, director of strategy and operations consulting, and Hilary Jeffery, director of strategy+ at AECOM technology corporation, discuss moving on from austerity with the next generation of effectiveness

Affordable Innovation

Affordable Innovation

The importance of mid-market firms being at the forefront of innovation, ensuring they are adapting to customers’ demands, is essential for the growth of the UK economy, as Chris Johnston reports

Developing products and services customers want

Using a limited research and development budget to best effect could be the difference between success and failure, as Jonathan Weinberg reports