Should you employ a former black hat hacker?

In hacking, as in life, it is not just good and bad, black and white: there is a grey area

Gaming tech improving at-home stroke rehab

Stroke survivors face a postcode lottery when it comes to rehabilitation services, but a version of gaming technology may provide the answer to improving at-home therapy

Care pathway: Onset to recovery

Looking at a stroke patient’s journey as a continuum or pathway enables a better understanding of the condition from onset to rehabilitation and recovery

Making recovery a fun-to-play ‘game’

Making recovery a fun-to-play 'game'

Mental stimulation and physical movement involved in computer gaming could be a game-changer for recovering stroke patients

Rehab is vital for the vulnerable

Rehab is vital for the vulnerable

When people break down through mental or physical illness and injury, help must be at hand

Benefits of neurorehab

Professor Lynne Turner-Stokes

Specialist rehabilitation for patients with complex neurological disability would save the NHS money, says British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine president Professor Lynne Turner-Stokes, of the Cicely Saunders Institute at King’s College London

Log on to smarter healthcare

Log on to smarter healthcare

Rehabilitation technology is helping to cut costs and increase efficiency in a struggling healthcare sector

Fame, fortune and facelifts

Fame, fortune and facelifts

Celebrities using or endorsing rehab has helped dispel possible stigma, but the rehabilitation industry may sometimes suffer as a result