Cryptocurrency regulation becomes a top priority

Cryptocurrency regulation is needed

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies seem on the cusp of revolutionising global finances, but regulators are unsure of how to deal with such an innovation

Stay ahead of auto-enrolment

Preparing for auto-enrolment in good time will save on costs and sleepless nights, says Jonathan Dowden, a pensions expert at software provider Sage

Rules are blessing in disguise

Regulatory compliance can mean meeting dozens of different requirements, but as Barnaby Page asks, could it be worth the pain if it drives security?

Tobacco companies are playing catch-up

Jason Hesse investigates how the e-cigarette market is developing and the reaction of big tobacco companies

Lack of regulation is a drag

Dithering regulators and a complete absence of conclusive clinical research has left e-cigarette brands guessing about how they should manufacture and sell their products, writes Dan Matthews

Putting energy into management

While it may seem a good use of time just to concentrate on projects which deliver immediate savings, in reality a longer-term, structured approach will pay greater dividends, says Alan Aldridge, executive director of the Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA)

At the vanguard of ‘vaping’

Ellie Mae O'Hagan talks to Katherine Devlin, founder of the e-cigarettes trade body ECITA, about regulations, health risks and pizza-flavoured “vaping”