How to make supply chain a desirable career

Supply chain's missing link

Lack of awareness, diversity issues and working patterns are contributing factors holding the supply chain industry back in employee recruitment and retention

Future HR leaders need to think like marketers

HR Marketing

Having human resources embrace the methods of the marketing department can help attract top talent, improve retention and even grow the business

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Name bias

Do applicants with white-sounding names have an unfair advantage when looking for jobs? Research suggests they do

The business case for neurodiversity

Neurodiverse workplace

Embracing a neurodiverse talent pool is about more than equality and inclusion, it’s actually best for business

The startups pioneering maritime innovation

Maritime recruitment faces a multitude of challenges and obstacles when it comes to propelling the sector into the modern era, but the tide is slowly turning

Could an algorithm find you the perfect candidate?

Bird's eye view picture of people walking on pavement

Sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine-learning tools are helping businesses remove bias and improve talent acquisition, but there are limitations to its success

How shaping attitudes to risk starts at the job interview

Recruitment and onboarding are an opportunity to shape attitudes that may persist throughout a career

Why a career in construction?

A negative public image, tough competition from other sectors and “stop-go” government policies have meant the construction industry must now fight hard to attract the best people