Could an algorithm find you the perfect candidate?

Bird's eye view picture of people walking on pavement

Sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine-learning tools are helping businesses remove bias and improve talent acquisition, but there are limitations to its success

How shaping attitudes to risk starts at the job interview

Recruitment and onboarding are an opportunity to shape attitudes that may persist throughout a career

Why a career in construction?

A negative public image, tough competition from other sectors and “stop-go” government policies have meant the construction industry must now fight hard to attract the best people

Devising a strategy to grow top talent

Devising a strategy to grow top talent

An unfamiliar role to some, a chief talent officer may be what your company is looking for to champion staff development

The war for talent

War for talent across all fronts

Attracting, developing and retaining the most talented staff members is a major business investment

Charting future talent

Talent mapping for business

Talent mapping should form an integral part of a broader talent management strategy, allowing organisations to assess their existing skills and identify those required for the future

Succession Matters


Effective succession management directly impacts shareholder return and ongoing success for businesses

Software development talent 3.0: The best of both worlds


The latest offering in the world of software development enables clients to expand their existing capability. You can hire top-quality, highly experienced people at a very low total cost and achieve the productivity you need to enable you to deliver your business requirements