Business face of UK Beauty

The UK beauty industry big business, employing over a million people and contributing billions to the economy, so isn’t it time to take its impact more seriously? Beatrice Aidin poses the question

Focusing on project goals can score for the whole team

Effective project management can not only achieve focused objectives, but can also result in wider and longer-term benefits for an organisation as a whole, writes Chris Johnston

Innovation is the mother of survival

If we stand still in healthcare, we go backwards. This is highly relevant in healthcare as there is no greater sector which has the ability to bring together developments in science and technology for the greater good of health and wellbeing, says Dr Kiran Patel

A chance to do things better

Management of public sector estates is undergoing a thorough review as cuts bite, writes James Dean

Backing Britain with big events that show we’re open for business

Does the UK value its business events sector as much as governments overseas promote their conference industries? Stephen Armstrong investigates

Getting to grips with bottom line

As strategic meetings management programmes continue their encroachment into UK company policies, Michael Trudeau looks at the advantages of having such a plan

How to reverse roads to ruin

With the government highlighting the risk responsibilities of senior business executives, Jennifer Lowe asks what is good corporate governance?

Damage limitation is a matter of proper structure

Global businesses face risks from all sides, but how can risk integration in corporate structures affect organisational behaviour for the better? Alex Cardno investigates