Can money buy happiness after all?

Behavioural economics can reveal useful insights into our motivations and feelings when parting with hard-earned money

Neuroscience offers insights into employee engagement

Experts in neuroscience and psychology are combining to improve understanding of employee behaviour in a bid to boost engagement

How brands can engage with all generations

older generation

It’s a major challenge for organisations to secure the loyalty of multiple generations of consumers, from tech-savvy youngsters to their more cynical elders

From millennials to technophobes: Managing personalities at work

Long gone are the days of a room full of lookalike salespeople following the same robotic spiel and working towards the same goals – diversity is a strength when managed well

A psychological view of spectacles

Wearing glasses can not only change people’s perception of you, it can also alter the way you think about yourself

The psychology of a smile

Smiling is the outward sign of happiness and connects us to others – it helps bond people together

From shelf to shopping basket

From the supermarket into your basket

The supermarket is a warzone with thousands of brands fighting for sales. Charles Orton-Jones shows how a brand can win the battle and seize shoppers’ attention

Psychology of Cosmetic Surgery

Psychology Behind Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery can be a rewarding and life-changing experience for the right patient, but what motivates people to go under the knife? Alice Hart-Davis investigates