New tests and biomarkers are improving diagnosis

Accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer is an ever-present problem but, as Corinne Swainger discovers, new developments promise progress

Scan and biopsy trial is most accurate test in the world

Professor Mark Emberton examines the reliability of testing for prostate cancer and looks to the future for better diagnostic procedures

Killing the cancer without harming healthy cells

Deciding on treatment for prostate cancer can seem like a minefield and many options carry huge risk of side effects which can impact on quality of life, writes Victoria Lambert

What men think about quality of care in prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer UK conducted a nationwide survey among men with prostate cancer in a bid to measure quality of care. The questionnaire explored issues including diagnosis, treatment, side effects, support for partners and living with cancer, as Liz Bestic reports

Treatment advances offer new hope for patients

New therapies are being developed for patients in the late stage of prostate cancer, when in 90 per cent of cases the tumour has spread to the bones, writes Victoria Lambert

Tackling the ‘London effect’ is saving lives in the capital

A collaboration is underway in London to improve cancer survival rates, as Liz Bestic reports

Life with cancer and fighting back

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer is a hammer blow, but the disease is not always fatal, a survivor tells Judy Hobson

Grow a moustache to raise money and cancer awareness

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