What is proptech?

It sounds like the latest tech trend to hit headlines and attract investment, but proptech is about more than digital transformation. Technology can help put purpose, culture shift and customer experience at the heart of the property sector

How proptech can get buyers on the ladder

Hurdles have never been greater for first-time buyers wishing to climb the housing ladder, so what can proptech do to help?

Giving owners the keys to sustainability

flooded streets in York

New proptech can help property managers and tenants alike understand the sustainability of their buildings, but should the burden for eco-friendly homes really be passed to consumers?

How tech is streamlining the property sector

From poorly measured floor plans to overdue payments, innovative technology solutions are making property processes simpler than ever. Here are three examples

Is property inheritance widening the wealth gap?

Whether we are increasingly living in a system not necessarily defined by class but by our inherited wealth gets a mixed reception from economists

London: a honeypot for property fraud

London property Fraud

Dirty money is being laundered in the London property market by criminals hiding behind anonymous shell companies, pushing up prices beyond the reach of ordinary Londoners

Now London is competing for business with the North


Rising commercial and residential property prices in London and the South East mean more businesses are relocating and workers moving north, seeking a better quality of life

Disruptive tech shaking up the property market

Woman looking at house in virtual reality

From 3D printing to virtual reality, high-tech trends are beginning to have a big impact on the housing and property industries