Becoming agile in face of disruption

Just because you have all the tools in the box does not mean you should use them for every job. Project managers can be justifiably keen to demonstrate their knowledge, but we have to be careful how it is applied

Successful projects start with top talent


Organisations are transforming human resources into human assets by placing emphasis on talent management

Quick guide to business agility

Three aspects of an agile business

John Lamb explains three technical versions of agile thinking to get your business on the right path

The benefits of being agile

Seeking organisational agility? Begin with the fundamentals and develop a workforce of project managers who are also skilled in agile practices

On time and on budget

Olympic Stadium Stratford

Put simply, project management is about people solving unexpected problems and getting things done, as Chris Johnston explains

Pulling the plug on a project

Project Risk - knowing when to quit

Knowing when a project is going wrong, seeing the early warning signs of failure, is a valuable skill when mitigating risk and losses, as Amy Hatton reports

Projects taking on guns for hire

Waiting for an interview

Project-based assignments, employing temporary specialist staff, are becoming increasingly widespread and offer opportunities as well as challenges, writes Dan Matthews

From optimism to catastrophe

It’s acceptable to pull the plug on a project when you’ve done everything right and still it goes wrong, says Professor Eddie Obeng