Skills needed in successful project leaders

Successful project managers must combine technical skills and knowledge with the interpersonal qualities necessary to be good leaders

How to spot the signs of a failing project

Knowing when to pull the plug on a failing project is never easy, yet signs of impending disaster are often present at the outset when best practice can increase the chances of success

7 global project management trends

As the value of project management is increasingly recognised in both the private and public sectors, what are the emerging global trends crucial to project delivery?

Top tools for project managers

Project managers are inundated with software systems, apps and add-ons to make their lives easier

Agility takes the lead in project management

Being nimble and quick in business is crucial as the pace of change accelerates relentlessly and agile project management takes the lead

The great ocean clean-up project

Clearing plastic polluting the oceans is a problem of massive proportions requiring a professional project management approach

Essential toolkit for Project professionals

The award-winning Association for Project Management’s new, refreshed competence framework allows individuals and organisations to identify their training, development and qualification needs more accurately than ever

Wanted: Engaged Executive Sponsors

Having the right project “champion” in your corner can mean the difference between success and failure