The main reasons why IoT projects fail

Workers analysing a computer screen

Cisco conducted a survey of over 1,800 business and IT leaders to find out their main challenges for IoT project adoption in organisations. Here are the top reasons why IoT projects fail and what you can do about it.

Why we should let project managers run general elections

Project Management Illustration

Following the Conservatives’ unexpected lost majority, is it now time for politicians to hire project managers to run their election campaigns?

Why the US won the race to put a man on the Moon

George Mueller, associate administrator of the Nasa Office of Manned Space Flight

The United States beat the Soviet Union to the Moon by bold project management of its space programme

How far can machines take over project management?

AI project management

Smart robots are poised to take over routine project management, but the machines cannot yet fully replace project managers

China kick-starts ‘biggest project on planet Earth’

President Xi Jinping says China’s Belt and Road initiative will bring about a new golden age of globalisation

Some have called China’s One Belt, One Road initiative the greatest project management show on Earth and, although still in the early stages, it could be a goldmine for UK plc

On-demand gigs are now lifeblood of economy

Gig economy

Going freelance as an experienced project manager can be a win-win for the individual and client

All eyes on the sea to net illegal fishing trawlers

Illegal fishing map

Mobilising a global citizens’ watch over the oceans is helping to combat the crime of illegal fishing

Nine Elms: how to deliver a mega-project

Digital sketch of the completed Nine Elms development

Collaboration is essential to deliver a mega-project, such as London’s Nine Elms development, involving numerous agencies with varied requirements