How to make supply chain a desirable career

Supply chain's missing link

Lack of awareness, diversity issues and working patterns are contributing factors holding the supply chain industry back in employee recruitment and retention

Why good CEOs must be constantly learning

CEO unlearning

Business leaders of tomorrow need to prioritise self-development and ensure they are constantly renewing their skills and capabilities

Why you must create space for workplace learning

Business leaders are wrestling with how to integrate formal and informal learning spaces at work to nurture a necessary upskilling culture

Why sales must become more professional

nick squire sales director oped banner

I consider myself as having had a privileged childhood, never in the sense of being born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but the experiences I had living overseas helped to find the third-culture kid in me

Dangers of ‘beefing up’ the CFO role

CFO warnings

Beefing up the role of the finance chief to focus on business growth may risk losing a traditionally steadying influence in an over-ambitious boardroom

Firms must get involved with schools

MakerClub takes after-school sessions to teach children aged nine to fourteen to build robots, use 3D printers and learn to code

Businesses should link with schools and colleges to provide work experience and ensure they get the employees industry needs

Curtain call for Death of a Salesman

Fredric March as Willy Loman in the 1951 film version of Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman

Gone are the days of the abrasive salesperson, a talking brochure who battered clients into buying – now sales must add value and deliver results for the client

Marketers: the future CEOs?

01 Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis was previously a marketer and general manager at Unileve

Increasingly, marketers with transferable skills are making it to the top of the corporate ladder