How 3D printing is reshaping global production

As dark clouds gather over the global economy, manufacturers find themselves in the crosshairs

Child labour: the dark truth behind chocolate production

child labourers on cocoa farm in Côte d’Ivoire

Our delight in chocolate comes at great cost to those who produce the cocoa, notably child labourers in West Africa

The factory of the future is computerised intelligence

Robotic arm machine in factory

Work on the factory floor is changing and is set to be transformed by networks of computerised intelligent production systems

How to increase productivity in manufacturing

Production line illustration

The Achilles’ heel of UK manufacturing is low productivity, but there are strategies to beat the problem that has plagued the sector for far too long

Oil industry must adapt or die

North Sea oil reserves are declining. Though there is still a wealth of oil and gas out there, the “easier-to-access” reserves are becoming depleted, says Gavin Hall, managing director of MTG Europe

Perfect production

Andrew Kinder, industry marketing director at Infor, says manufacturers should get connected before embracing 3D printing in the quest for “perfect production”