How water became the riskiest global asset of all

An interview with Callie Stinson, project lead of the World Economic Forum’s Water Initiative

Public-private tensions in smart city collaboration

Private startups can help governments alleviate the pressures of urbanisation and improve the quality of city life, but partnerships between the two sectors are not always straightforward

Private water companies are better for the future

The summer’s record-breaking temperatures, and the incredible hard work of companies to supply the water we all need, were powerful reminders of the increased pressures of climate change and population growth on water resources

Company cover for workplace wellness

Company healthcare cover illustration

Companies are increasingly providing private health cover for employees in a bid to gain flexibility and convenience, while at the same time helping to relieve pressure on the NHS

Punching above their weight

Shot of the Shard

Mid-market companies make a significant contribution to the UK economy, but potential for growth remains untapped, writes Chris Johnston

Blueprint for infrastructure

The UK is at the forefront of private sector delivery and financing of infrastructure, and many countries have adopted British practices. But how successful is the UK model and is it always transferable? Sarah Ahmad Tame investigates

Continuing rise of public sector outsourcing?

As government and local authorities look set to outsource even more services, outsourcers could switch their focus to a more lucrative private sector, says Colin Cram, adviser to government, and public and private sector bodies