Birth of popular private maternity

A growing number of expectant mothers are opting for the comfort, consistency and predictability of private maternity care combined with the emergency back-up of a National Health Service hospital, writes Dan Matthews

Rising UK birth rate and increased demand for private care

Couples seeking a more personalised service are choosing private maternity over the National Health Service, as Lilian Anekwe reports

Flexible option is best of both worlds

Deciding whether to have your baby within the NHS or to go private, calls for careful consideration, as Lilian Anekwe discovers

Choosing to go private

Comparisons between NHS and private care during the different stages of pregnancy, birth and beyond shed light on the choices for expectant couples, writes Maria Anguita

More career women take time to start a family

Private maternity units, offering greater flexibility and added safeguards, are seeing an increase in the number of older women checking in, as Liz Bestic reports

Familiar, trusted faces when you need them

Victoria Lambert explains the nature of private maternity and describes what a mum-to-be can expect

Excellent maternity care in a safe environment with a team of highly skilled professionals

Situated in the heart of London at St Thomas’ Hospital, the Westminster Maternity Suite is a perfect setting for what is sure to be an unforgettable moment for you and your partner as you welcome your new baby into the world