British Overseas Territories: privacy vs transparency

Government pressure for greater financial transparency must also strike a delicate balance with the need for privacy

Soon your internet history may be public

CCTV cameras

New government legislation ushers in an era of internet surveillance which will impact individuals and organisations

Privacy’s next battleground: melding big data and market research

Data privacy is a hotly debated topic and as the market research industry evolves it must answer some fundamental questions

Beware household gadgets that can take control and ‘spy’ on you

Makers of connected devices for the internet of things must focus on security to protect consumers’ privacy

Hybrid cloud formation mixes public and private

Hybrid cloud formation mixes public and private

An integrated cloud computing environment, which mixes public and secure private services, is the business solution for an increasing number of organisations

Reviewing biometric privacy concerns

Privacy concers with Biometrics

Concern over the privacy implications of surrendering personal biometric data may be largely misplaced, but its security is paramount if consumers are to adopt the technology fully

How safe are files from hackers?

How safe are files from hackers

Client confidentiality is a cornerstone of the law, but does an era of digital leaks and data breaches threaten privacy?

Log on to smarter healthcare

Log on to smarter healthcare

Rehabilitation technology is helping to cut costs and increase efficiency in a struggling healthcare sector