Google Glass lessons: look past XR hype

The significant potential of reality technologies should not be lost in past hype and disappointment

How KFC turned crisis to triumph

KFC storefront closed

Companies with a well-prepared strategy to deal swiftly with a crisis can do much to limit financial and reputational damage

Save your brand’s reputation through crises

New Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi

Taking over a crisis-hit business requires special qualities in a leader, not least the humility to admit things went wrong, apologise and fix the company

How to cope with a PR disaster

Demonstrators at Chicago O’Hare International Airport last month

United Airlines soared into world headlines for the wrong reasons and not only crashed their public relations but also burnt their reputation

Try not to make a brand disaster out of a crisis

Image of BP public relations disaster

The way the leader or public face of a company handles a crisis can make or break a brand. Here are two examples of how not to do it and two of how it should be done

Measuring the ROI of Marketing and PR

Measuring ROI in marketing and PR

For decades, the public relations and marketing sectors have struggled to prove their return on investment. So what key performance indicators and timescales should boardrooms be using to evaluate their success?

Social is on the move and it’s a one-way street

The speed at which smartphones and tablets are taking over the UK is being matched by the seemingly unstoppable march of social media, as Rebecca Burn-Callander discovers

Rats, burgers, wit and honesty

The power of social media can tear down even the grandest multinational’s business, but there are damage-limitation strategies which can rebuild corporate reputation, as Gabriella Griffith reports