Does who you are impact how well you sleep?

As with many things in life, your quality of sleep is affected by the situation in which you are born. So how can race, gender or income group have such an effect on the way we sleep and how much we get?

How tech and investment could help feed the many

Investment in improved supply chain management and precision farming techniques hold the key to banishing famine and malnutrition

Pairing access to finance and energy to solve global poverty

Street vendor in Wakiso District Uganda

Pairing access to finance with access to energy can help more than a billion people raise their standard of living, banish poverty to the past and no longer be counted among the unbanked

Why millions of workers are retiring in pensioner poverty

Man with umbrella black and white

Failure to save enough for their retirement, coupled with an inadequate state pension, is leaving millions in pensioner poverty

Fighting poverty with plastic

Plastic Bank

Organising the retrieval of otherwise overwhelming plastic waste is creating wealth for the poorest communities

Shortest life expectancy in world

The small, southern African kingdom of Swaziland is roughly the same size as Wales. It is blessed with a variety of landscapes, including mountains, savannah and rainforests – natural beauty that belies the significant economic and social problems the country faces, writes Lilian Anekwe

Why are so many going without life-saving HIV treatment?

Seven million people living with HIV – more than the population of Libya, Denmark or Costa Rica – are without treatment and most likely to be poor, black or migrants, writes Rowenna Davis

Staple food must remain stable to prevent world ‘paddy’

With food prices increasing significantly in September, Fiona Bond asks if rice will curry favour with traders