Tackling transphobia in the workplace

With discriminatory attitudes to trans people still rife in the workplace, it is vital that business leaders are proactive in making all employees feel comfortable and supported

Can UK workers afford ‘enforced leisure’?

Woman reading

As robots and algorithms take more jobs, will enforced leisure be matched by sustained living standards?

Hard times at the helm of the Fed

Mr Powell US Federal Reserve

The new head of America’s central bank faces a growing financial challenge which, if he pulls the wrong levers, could tip the world into another crisis

Linking food and energy to save water

Amazon River

The interdependence of water, energy and food resources requires co-ordinated policies and improved management

Political head-to-head in pensions debate

Political head-to-head in pensions debate

Pensions minister Steve Webb and shadow pensions secretary Rachel Reeves exchange blows in the fight for votes at the May general election, and set out their policies on saving for retirement

Are there votes in digital policy?

Eddie Copeland

Eddie Copeland, head of technology policy at Policy Exchange, reviews where the political parties stand on digital government

US immigration counsel in heart of London

Companies expanding to the United States should seek professional advice from US immigration lawyers who can smooth the way to living and working in America

Solving construction jobs crisis

Steve Radley, the Construction Industry Training Board’s policy and strategic planning director, warns of a recruitment crisis facing the sector