Call for stricter guidelines in the cosmetic procedures industry


The issue of training requirements and regulation of those administering non-surgical cosmetic procedures remains a matter of public concern, although benchmark guidelines are being adopted

Achieve the effect of youthful and hydrated skin

We all know that as we age, we start to see changes in our faces. Those fine lines appear and ultimately what was taut and tight succumbs to gravity, says Sherina Balaratnam

Cosmetic procedures are the new make-up

Demand for non-surgical cosmetic procedures is on the increase, but protection against rogue practitioners and regulation of the sector are slow in coming

Selfie generation look to improve their image

The growing influence of selfies posted on social media is fuelling interest in cosmetic procedures as people seek to improve their close-up image

A world of nose jobs and tummy tucks

Trends in cosmetic procedures may vary globally depending on ethnic preferences, but the fundamentals of health and beauty are universal

Innovation and excellence

Eighteen months since it opened, PHI Clinic is the pride of Harley Street offering patients the highest standards of aesthetic excellence in the UK

Tweets, selfies and surgery trends

Taking a Selfie

Smartphones and social media have created a generation obsessed with capturing every moment on camera and sharing it with the world, but has the rise of the “selfie” impacted cosmetic surgery trends? Antonia Mariconda investigates

Peaks and troughs of designer boobs

UK Breast Augmentation

A “boob job” is the number-one cosmetic procedure in the UK and far more is now on offer, as Joani Walsh reports