Why we need to reimagine plastic recycling in the UK

Recycling may conjure up images of a clean, green, modern-thinking industry, but in many ways it is stuck in the past, especially when it comes to PET plastic

Why we need to invest in the right plastics

man with single-use plastic bag

With both public awareness of plastic pollution and our reliance on this versatile resource at an all-time high, it’s time to get clear on plastic

Pioneering sustainable packaging in the food sector

Consumers have become more attuned to sustainability, prompting restaurants and shops to launch initiatives to reduce single-use plastics in packaging

How impact investing can tackle the plastic crisis

impact investing scheme woman at eco-friendly stove

Profit-for-purpose organisation ClimateCare is creating mini economies that deliver social and environmental benefits in hard-to-reach areas

Ocean plastic is just the beginning

As oceans drown in plastic and the developed world launches a clean-up campaign, the tide of pollution is still rising

Plastic waste reduction is top of the global agenda

Inaction is not an option as government and the packaging industry strive to cut waste and introduce a circular economy

UK Plastics Pact is central to forming a circular economy

A versatile material, plastics are in danger of being demonised, but how can they be made environmentally friendly in the packaging industry?

Tackling plastics requires care and collaboration

Across brands, retailers and manufacturers, the people who design and specify materials and formats for packs, are grappling with demands from their customers to use less plastic