How impact investing can tackle the plastic crisis

impact investing scheme woman at eco-friendly stove

Profit-for-purpose organisation ClimateCare is creating mini economies that deliver social and environmental benefits in hard-to-reach areas

Philanthrocapitalism and the future of giving

Giving money away intelligently is hard. Rupert Scofield, President, CEO & co-founder FINCA International explains why the act of philanthropy is still crucial in the early stage development of any sustainable project

14 millionaires give away half their wealth to charity

Merkel Meets With Bill Gates

Meet the 14 wealthy titans that have joined The Giving Pledge, promising more than half their wealth to philanthropic causes

The rise of philanthropic investing

The super-rich who want to make a social impact are increasingly choosing philanthropic investments over charity donations

Giving expertise, not just money

Giving expertise, not just money

Corporate philanthropy is moving away from grand projects and big donations to a more vibrant world of relationship and capacity building, volunteering and partnerships, writes Emma Burnell

Public opinion on corporate giving

Public opinion on corporate giving

Britain’s biggest companies continue to give generously to charity, yet they are sometimes perceived to be sitting on their hands – and wallets – as Dina Medland reports

Why do corporates give?

What motivates companies to give to charity in cash or kind may differ, but it must be genuine to overcome public scepticism, writes Chris Johnston

How charities can secure a corporate partner

How to net a big fish

Charities face fierce competition to find corporate partners, but there are strategies that will help, as Dan Matthews reports