How online pharmacies are improving patients’ lives

Pharmacists are becoming the first port of call for patients with minor illnesses as internet pharmacies take a greater share of dispensing drugs and GPs complain of increasing pressure

Dispensing should not be a pharmacist’s only task

Technologies such as smart dispensing robots are delivering increased speed, accuracy and security as well as freeing up pharmacists to offer health advice to patients

Eight ways to revitalise community pharmacies

A potential resource to ease pressure on GPs and hospitals, community pharmacies are seeking greater government funding

What are biosimilars and what can they do?

Manufactured when an original biologic drug’s patent expires, biosimilars can increase access to treatment options and improve patient outcomes

Community pharmacies matter, here’s why

The NHS has a chronic access problem, and too often there are long waits for advice and treatment

Call for preventative HIV drug on NHS

Call for preventative HIV drug on NHS

Taking antiretroviral drugs to prevent contracting HIV has greatly reduced infection, but so far success has been achieved by DIY campaigners

New drugs for not-so-rare diseases

NHS England's spending on medicines

Just how rare are rare diseases in the UK? Not as rare as you might think

What is the true price of good health?

Pfizer and Flynn Pharma were fined £90 million collectively for allegedly charging the NHS excessive prices for phenytoin

With notable examples of price hikes, there is a public perception that drug companies attempt to rip off the NHS