Why good CEOs must be constantly learning

CEO unlearning

Business leaders of tomorrow need to prioritise self-development and ensure they are constantly renewing their skills and capabilities

How to lead a high-growth business

Being able to learn from mistakes, adapt to changing conditions and show self-awareness are all common attributes of successful leaders at early-stage companies

Why you must create space for workplace learning

Business leaders are wrestling with how to integrate formal and informal learning spaces at work to nurture a necessary upskilling culture

Lord Browne: The importance of being yourself in life and work

john browne baron of madingley

John Browne, Baron Browne of Madingley, best known as the former chief executive of BP, saw his career with the energy giant end in 2007 when he was outed by a tabloid newspaper as gay – his third book, The Glass Closet, carries the subtitle 'Why Coming Out Is Good Business'