Why business air travel is embracing personalisation

Business and leisure travellers have historically been offered the same customer service, despite their differing needs, requirements and expectations. But that could all be about to change...

Why brands must embrace hyperpersonalisation

An evermore discerning customer demands greater personalisation and will engage with those brands that can create a truly bespoke experience, but how can this be taken to the next level?

Imagining the perfect healthcare system

In an ideal world, what would the perfect healthcare system look like to treat heart disease?

Facing up to the misuse of personal data

Mark Zuckerberg in US court

Facebook’s fracas over misuse of its users’ data may signal a fundamental rethink of how customers’ personal information is treated online

The role of AI and machine learning in personal data security

Code on screen

Are we entering a new age of behavioural tracking with the emergence of artificial intelligence and machine-learning, will this offer new levels of personal data security and will our behaviour online become the only password we need?

What if data privacy wasn’t an issue?

Broken CCTV camera and graffiti

Smart cities run on data to provide and refine services, which enhance the quality of citizens’ lives, but personal privacy may be infringed

What’s to be done about big data?

Unprecedented amounts of valuable data are now available for analysis by commercial and public-sector organisations, but this information constitutes intellectual property, writes Trevor Clawson