Resolving the UK’s retirement conundrum

Lady researching retirement

Ensuring people save enough for a comfortable retirement is a taxing problem which continues to vex government, employers, employees and the self-employed

Retirement: more people are saving, but too little

Saving for retirement

The automatic enrolment of workers into a workplace pension scheme may be heralded as a success, but current savings fall below the level needed to provide an adequate retirement income

Pension advice for employers

Pension schemes for employers

Employers grappling with huge deficits in generous defined benefit and final salary pension schemes are increasingly de-risking their liabilities

Uphill struggle in UK pensions revolution

Workplace pensions cover - crop

As the UK population ages and people in work fail to save enough for their retirement, employers face a greater burden, writes Pádraig Floyd

The cheese is moving…

Dawid Konotey-Ahulu

Dawid Konotey-Ahulu, co-chief executive of Mallowstreet, the online community for the pensions industry, has a tale of mice and men – and the search for new “cheese”

Play your way to a wealthier retirement

People using Occulus Rift

Virtual reality games are being adapted to encourage more people to engage with the real-life need to save for retirement, as Dan Barnes reports

Mixed menu of rewards will satisfy staff

There are a number of tempting options to reward and engage staff, as Nick Martindale discovers

Some lessons from abroad

What is it that puts Denmark, the Netherlands and Australia top of the class in pension provision? Pádraig Floyd asks leading experts from these top-ranked countries to comment on the remaining challenges for their pension systems and implications for the UK