Three high-risk engagement strategies

Engagement initiatives too often try to encapsulate ever-changing trends that promise the earth, as companies boast about progressive ways of working for public relations purposes or “about us” pages. But what happens when the idea doesn’t quite live up to reality? Here are some revealing case studies

It’s time to tackle the gender pension gap

More needs to be done to ensure women are as financially prepared for retirement as men, yet experts remain at odds over potential solutions

Chief executive pay continues to skyrocket

An ever-widening gap between the pay of chief executives and ordinary workers may be damaging productivity as well as morale among employees

Reward top performers with higher pay

Office worker in a lift

Should employees who add value or bring in more business get greater reward?

Want to know how much colleagues are paid?

Staff sat at round table aerial view

Whether or not individuals’ pay should be made public is a matter of controversy. Here are the arguments for and against

Fair pay for a hard day at the office?

Illustration of Fat Cats and the excessive salaries they earn

Attacks on “fat cat” bosses paid many times more than workers may make good headlines, but how do chief executives justify their big pay cheques?

Fighting the fat cats

Illustration of Fat Cats and the excessive salaries they earn

Curbing excessive executive pay may mean fundamentally rethinking the UK’s orthodoxies of shareholder capitalism and austerity

Should you let them go or counter-offer?

Sometimes when a member of staff says they are leaving, it’s best to let them go without offering a pay rise in the hope they will stay