Four steps to overseas expansion

As retail revenues plateau in Western markets there have been some notable successes for British companies and brands penetrating developing markets. While this is a popular means of reaching new growth targets and boosting returns in overall portfolios, choosing a developing market is more complex than looking through the traditional bricks-and-mortar lens to determine where [Read more]

Question of future of payments

Charles Orton-Jones leads a discussion among four industry leaders on latest developments and the shape of things to come

Partners can deliver more for less

Outsourcing can free up a company to concentrate on what it does best while delegating business functions to partners who are experts in their field, writes Charles Orton-Jones

Big business for smaller companies

The recession and public deficit have resulted in radical cuts to Treasury spending, but outsourcing still represents value for money, writes Michael Dempsey

Mutual gain and less pain

Supplier relationship management focuses on developing in-depth, co-operative relationships with a handful of key suppliers. Even so, it can still be a challenge to get it right, writes Graeme Burton

The long and diversifying road

Josh Sims explores the detour Italian car manufacturers are taking through brand licensing