Exploring the pros and cons of online activism

Technology is enabling more direct open feedback with government and is poised to increase political engagement nationwide, but people have some major reservations...

The pros and cons of online fertility forums

image of laptop from above, using online forum

Online fertility forums have built communities and safe spaces where people can share knowledge and advice, but they can also spread hearsay and inaccurate information

Five mistakes marketers should avoid in 2019

The modern internet has provided the worlds of advertising and marketing with abundance, in terms of tools, techniques, data and possibilities. But while everything that's new has been embraced, time-tested strategies of the past are viewed as ineffective and boring. Marketing thought leader Tom Goodwin explores the need for balance, and what marketers should avoid this year and beyond

Advertising effectiveness vs. efficiency: what is important?

Brands prioritising short-term wins over long-term brand-building could end up falling short of the competition

Luxury brands are lagging behind online

Catwalk during fashion week

E-commerce technology and data analytics can lure in lovers of luxury fashion, despite a desire to remain exclusive

Apps changing face of mobile marketing

Apps enable advertisers to zero in on target groups and personalise marketing, making ad campaigns more effective with greater return on investment

Get a website to get ahead

Lots of British companies still don’t have a website. They are badly missing out. In a Q&A, Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation, the campaigning body for entrepreneurs and small businesses, explains why all firms need a website

The rise of YouTube and video marketing

Video marketing

Video marketing, pioneered online by YouTube and coupled with the spread of smartphones, has put brands and their products in the palm of the consumer’s hand