A day in the life of the future customer

cartoon of woman looking in mirror illustrating omni-channel retailing

Exploring how one shopper of the future goes about her day reveals exciting possibilities for what’s in store for omni-channel retailing

Legacy retailers must diversify or die

Toys R Us closing down

The pace of change in retail has never been greater and retailers must go after their customers or end up on the scrap heap

Online or bricks-and-mortar: shopping is getting the best of both worlds

Competition between online and high street retailers is blurred by e-tailers opening bricks-and-mortar stores and their rivals adopting e-commerce – now the destination is omnichannel

Retailers must reinvent to survive

The adage that Britain is a nation of shopkeepers is under strain as retailers face up to changing consumer habits and crippling taxes

Customer demand calls for agile retail supply chains

Omnichannel shopping and greater customer expectations require the retail supply chain to adapt – fast, says Dr. John Lockton, Managing Director of LCP Consulting and Management Consultancies Association (MCA) board member

The new retail purchasing pathway

In a competitive marketplace, retailers must provide a seamless shopping experience online, whether mobile or at home, and in stores – or risk losing sales

The future of shopping is both bricks and clicks

In the future, shopping does not necessarily have to be a contest between online and off – indeed the two may come together in a mutually convenient partnership

Top technologies changing how we shop

Technical innovation has created opportunities for retailers and customers as the way goods and services are bought and sold is in constant flux