Talent management: how to tempt the best offshore

Recruiting and retaining key workers in developed financial centres may present a challenge, but there are strategies which can help

What are IFCs? Debunking the ‘tax haven’ myth

Stories of laundering cash through illegal tax havens hit the headlines, but they have nothing to do with recognised offshore financial centres

Reshoring: bringing manufacturing home

The trend towards shifting manufacturing back to developed countries from cheaper locations is far from straightforward

Decommissioning wave approaches

Of the estimated £500 billion spent by the UK offshore oil and gas industry between 1970 and 2012, just £2 billion was channelled into decommissioning. The clean-up represents an enormous engineering challenge, one that will take decades and cost tens of billions, writes Rohan Boyle

Changing asset integrity

Market leader in asset integrity management services to the oil and gas industry, the EM&I Group has seen increased demand for its services because of its innovative approach to solving challenges faced by the floating-production and drilling sectors

On threshold of greatness despite financial crash

Wind and marine energy continues to set new milestones, but investors and business leaders want clear support from government, writes Mike Scott

Offshore wind is energy of future

From its position as a world leader in offshore wind power, the UK has the potential to become a global centre of expertise, according to Maria McCaffery, chief executive of RenewableUK

Keeping lights on and energy green

Government reform of the electricity market has been broadly welcomed, writes Mike Scott, but there are fears that the pace of change is too slow