Legislation to combat the hackers

Organisations are now required by law to guard against cyberattacks in a bid to protect essential services

Eye health cannot be ignored

National Eye Health Week is an opportunity for all of us to improve the nation's vision, especially as the population ages

Why aren’t we taking our eye health more seriously?

‘Investing money and resources in the nation’s eye care will bring about huge returns’

Sight loss a growing problem for ageing populations

Our ageing population is driving a rise in age-related macular degeneration, and there is a race against time to find new treatments

Fertility tourism: UK couples go abroad for IVF

Couple IVF consultation

Access to NHS fertility services can be a postcode lottery, resulting in couples travelling abroad for treatment

The benefits of value-based healthcare

Happy patient with doctor

Moving from volume to value-based healthcare is not without its challenges, but puts patients’ wellbeing first

Unravelling the mystery of radiotherapy

Radiotherapy machine

Much misunderstanding remains around radiation therapy which is an important tool in the work of combating cancer

Digital innovation is breathing new life into the NHS

Doctor lanyard and stethoscope

Digital innovation is enabling the National Health Service to reinvent itself, reduce costs and boost patient care