Fertility tourism: UK couples go abroad for IVF

Couple IVF consultation

Access to NHS fertility services can be a postcode lottery, resulting in couples travelling abroad for treatment

The benefits of value-based healthcare

Happy patient with doctor

Moving from volume to value-based healthcare is not without its challenges, but puts patients’ wellbeing first

Unravelling the mystery of radiotherapy

Radiotherapy machine

Much misunderstanding remains around radiation therapy which is an important tool in the work of combating cancer

Digital innovation is breathing new life into the NHS

Doctor lanyard and stethoscope

Digital innovation is enabling the National Health Service to reinvent itself, reduce costs and boost patient care

Time to take prevention to heart

cardiovascular health

The National Health Service is committing resources to preventative programmes aimed at keeping people out of hospital and saving the cash-strapped NHS billions

Why the UK public need to take dental health more seriously

Dental health check up

Despite the importance of oral health, too many people in the UK neglect their teeth and gums

Would you share your patient data to save lives?

Google’s AI subsidiary DeepMind Health was given access to five years’ worth of patient data for 1.6 million people by the Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust

Used ethically, NHS patient data has the potential to improve healthcare and save lives

Call for preventative HIV drug on NHS

Call for preventative HIV drug on NHS

Taking antiretroviral drugs to prevent contracting HIV has greatly reduced infection, but so far success has been achieved by DIY campaigners