Too many ways to pay

Too many ways to pay

The payments sector is fragmented as no one technology has achieved widespread adoption by businesses that may be unaware of the options and how they work

The future of money

The future of money

The Payments Council predicts the majority of UK consumer transactions alone will be cashless in 2016, but notes and coins are still preferred by many

Contactless wristband to end ‘card clash’

A new wristband for contactless payment is set to make life a lot easier, says Barclaycard

Seeing through the buzzwords

Don’t be baffled by acronyms and technical terms – David Robertson puts mobile technology into plain language

Wallets in the cloud

As electronic payment platforms continue to mature, the cloud offers a paradigm shift in how businesses and consumers alike pay for goods and services, writes Dave Howell

Seeking redemption in a multichannel world

Quantifying the return on investment in marketing is notoriously problematic, but savvy minds and smart technology are closing the redemption loop, as Dan Matthews reports

Taking a swipe at cash and even plastic cards

Small firms and retailers that have previously not accepted card payments and operated on a cash or invoice-only basis are adopting mobile point-of-sale solutions to expand their business, writes Rebecca Brace

Where to next - cash on steroids?

The payments industry is in flux, but the new direction may yet be unclear, as Stephen Armstrong reports