Five benefits of biophilic office design

Biophilic design incorporates elements from nature, such as plants, water features and natural lighting, into the workplace. Although this approach has yet to hit the mainstream, many experts believe the business benefits mean it will become widespread. Here are five benefits

The future of farming: robots, bees and plant jacuzzis

The future of food production lies in our ability to exploit every resource at our disposal, from bots to bees

Policymaking cannot be divorced from nature’s risks

Many peoples in our collective past have recognised that it is essential to our success as a species that we possess a pertinent awareness of the many ways in which we depended on the health of the natural world and its complex, interconnected ecosystems

Digital painting with pixels

Like art, photography has always been driven by experimentation and innovation, writes Kevin Carter who describes the leap from analogue to digital

Pictures make time stand still

At a time when the use of long exposures was the norm, inanimate and motionless objects made especially suitable subjects, writes Miranda Gavin

New era of photo printing beckons

Tim Rudman tracks the continuing development of photographic printing from darkroom to digital ‘lightroom’

Going off-piste for perfect powder

Skiers flock to the French and Swiss Alps every winter in search of slopes and white powder. But insiders are increasingly heading to the space and calm of Scandinavia for a more all-round ski experience, writes Martin Bewick

Into the magic circle

The Arctic Circle is often portrayed as barren and inhospitable. But for less far-flung explorers, it offers both natural wonders and, increasingly, touristic delights, as Katja Pantzar reports