Tech-savvy millennials easy prey for fraudsters

Digital Generation Identity Fraud

Growing up with digital tech has meant the millennial generation is more comfortable with sharing their data, but it has left them likely victims of financial fraud

What is the future of banking?

New trends in finance, from open banking to the rise of fintech startups, are shaking the industry and putting customers at the heart of the future of banking

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Financial services are constantly evolving, so how will regulation help shape the future of banking?

Bridging the generation gap with mobile banking

Digital financial services may appeal to all ages but for different reasons so providers are tailoring varied offerings to a wide range of customers

Mobile technology to improve your business

The second instalment in our series, Raconteur Guides for Business, explores the business benefits of mobile technology. With the ever-expanding capabilities of mobile devices, enterprises stand to gain from mobile as a primary driver of efficiency

Tech is now tap, swoosh or touch

Tech is now tap, swoosh or touch

Consumers, particularly the young, are hungry for high-tech, no-hassle, fast ways to pay which are now central to the customer experience

Mobile banking poised for revolution

The world is on the brink of a new era in mobile payments which will revolutionise the way businesses operate, says HSBC

Digital natives banking on mobile

Banks must give customers bespoke mobile banking to compete in the smartphone age, says Fiserv