5G vs 4G: what is the difference?

Ericsson suburban 5G mast by blue sky

Fifth-generation networking is on its way. Promising superfast speeds and an end to congestion, the technology is expected to revolutionise mobile networking and create new economic opportunity: but how exactly will it do this and what makes it different to 4G?

UK could become global leader in 5G

Woman speaking at 5G conference

A pilot scheme providing 5G to businesses could propel the UK to become a global leader

Convenience is key in the digital age

In the age of the smartphone, convenience has taken on a whole new meaning

Interview: messaging apps take on work email

Julien Codorniou

Vice president of Workplace by Facebook, Julien Codorniou, tells how communicating at work is changing

Tech trumping traditional media

Vintage photo of people reading the newspaper on the train

The UK media and entertainment sector is buoyant, kept afloat by new digital technologies which pose an existential threat to established outlets

5 ways mobile could disrupt our lives

Scenarios of mobile disrupting our lives

Mobile is a powerful and fast-moving disruptive force which is rapidly transforming the way we live and work

How to get mobile first off the ground

Smart phones displaying Ryanair and Treatwell app

Learn from these two brilliant examples of businesses becoming 'mobile first'

How to become a mobile-first business

Eurostar’s customer satisfaction text messages arrive as travellers pull into their destination station

Businesses are increasingly managing the full customer life cycle, from before to after sales, purely through mobile, leveraging data to provide a proactive and personalised service