What a Mali mine teaches us about the future of work

Mali gold mine automation

Tech has increased safety, efficiency and technical skills of employees at Mali’s Syama mining project, which can teach businesses valuable lessons about work in an automated age

Cobalt: the dark side of a clean future

An estimated 35,000 children work in perilous conditions to extract cobalt from the ground in the Democratic Republic of Congo. So what will the impact be on these exploited workers from rapid advances in electric cars, which are heavily reliant on this conflict mineral?

Umicore: from smelter to urban miner

The turnaround of a Belgian materials company is an example of the need to change an entire business model

How responsible mining can benefit economies

Conveyor belt moving rock ore in the production plant at Randgold Resources’ LouloGounkoto complex in Mali

Mining has a major impact on the environment, but it also represents a valuable opportunity to benefit national economies and local communities

Race is on for key element in EV batteries

Major market drivers are manoeuvring for pole position in the race for control of sought-after cobalt supplies

Stakes are high mining for tech minerals

Glencore's Collahuasi copper operation in Chile

Not all miners are betting on cobalt and lithium as winners in the technological age – others favour copper, nickel, zinc and palladium

Cleaning up mining for the sake of the planet

Solar power plant supplying power to IAMGOLD’s Essakane gold mine near Dori, Bukina Faso operations

The mining industry is learning to adapt to a carbon-conscious world and play its part in combating global warming

Could the Moon solve the Earth’s energy crisis?

Sunset and numerous moons in the sky

Science fiction has a habit of becoming science fact and mining on the Moon, establishing a lunar colony even, could yet become reality