Cobalt: the dark side of a clean future

An estimated 35,000 children work in perilous conditions to extract cobalt from the ground in the Democratic Republic of Congo. So what will the impact be on these exploited workers from rapid advances in electric cars, which are heavily reliant on this conflict mineral?

Stakes are high mining for tech minerals

Glencore's Collahuasi copper operation in Chile

Not all miners are betting on cobalt and lithium as winners in the technological age – others favour copper, nickel, zinc and palladium

Descending into conflict: tech minerals finance war

Mining employee, or creuseur, descends into a copper-cobalt mine in Kawama, Democratic Republic of the Congo, where conditions are dangerous with little to no safety equipment or structural support in the tunnels; they are paid on average $2 to $3 a day

The technology we now take for granted relies on minerals which may have been mined in conflict zones where the trade finances war and oppression