Millennials looking for ‘full package’ workspaces

The workspace is evolving into a place where enterprise and social interaction can combine to promote creativity and drive the economy

London office economy shows no signs of slowing

A younger workforce and startup companies are transforming the London office economy, with growing demand for shared spaces and short-term rents

Business travel ready for change

Business air travel is at a key moment in its trajectory – and passengers can benefit from the changes underway

Millennials continue to rise up the ranks

They are already in charge of successful tech and startup businesses, but the millennial generation have their sights on other top corporate jobs

Demand for freelancers continues to grow

Employing freelance staff can be a win-win for both employers and freelancers, but it must be managed carefully

Engaging and recruiting employees through gamification

Recruiting, training, motivating and retaining staff can be fun – when it’s like a game

Managing Millennials

In the first of a new series, Raconteur Guides for Business, we identify what makes millennials tick. With Generation-Y now making up more than 50 per cent of the workforce, it's vital for employers to adapt to meet millennials’ expectations, and capitalise on up-and-coming talent

Tech is now tap, swoosh or touch

Tech is now tap, swoosh or touch

Consumers, particularly the young, are hungry for high-tech, no-hassle, fast ways to pay which are now central to the customer experience