How to tackle organised crime in construction

Tales of mobsters running building sites are a staple of pop culture, but what threats do organised crime gangs pose to the construction industry and how can technology help overcome them?

Machines and automation could make more workers migrate

Sewing factory south asia

On the march across South-East Asia’s factories, automation is increasing the threat of mass migration of redundant low-skilled workers

Child refugees slip through the gaps

Young refugees waiting at the border between Italy and Switzerland are trapped in a system that is unable to deal with an influx of unaccompanied children entering Europe

Poles apart: the new face of British prejudice

As rising xenophobia in the UK targets Polish migrants, the first generation of Poles recalls a time when they were welcomed as refugees and workers

Refugees are victims of terror and violence, not perpetrators

Ralph Achenbach, country representative of the International Rescue Committee Germany, says that the rise of anti-migrant rhetoric is hindering efforts to resettle refugees

Refugee crisis: trapped in the brutality of the Syrian civil war

A desolate stretch of desert shows the human cost of painting refugees as a security threat, as opportunists worldwide exploit fears of terrorism for political gain

Comply first, optimise later

Although UK companies, outside the eurozone, do not have to comply until 2016, some already see the benefit of services within the Single Euro Payments Area, as Rebecca Brace discovers