Workplace mental health pushed to top of agenda

Man by window with blinds

Debilitating mental illness that wrecks lives and careers is increasingly being addressed as a workplace issue

Mental illness is too serious to be taboo

It inflicts torment on individuals and costs the economy dear, yet mental illness at work is often the elephant in the room that is not addressed or covered by company health insurance

Avoid workplace stress to stay focused


Smart bosses, who take the health and wellbeing of their staff seriously, see the results in the business’s bottom line

Rehab is vital for the vulnerable

Rehab is vital for the vulnerable

When people break down through mental or physical illness and injury, help must be at hand

Returning to work after a breakdown

Returning to work after a breakdown

Staff who have been off sick with stress must be carefully reintroduced to the workplace rather than written off as collateral damage

When is a procedure cosmetic?

Op-Ed: Judy Evans

Cosmetic surgery should not be available on the NHS, according to Health Secretary Jeremey Hunt, but consultant plastic surgeon Judy Evans asks where do we draw the line between what is cosmetic and what is not?

MS and the brain: a condition for life

The brain provides the basis of our very humanity – our thoughts and feelings – but is subject to many disabling diseases. One that is most common in young people is multiple sclerosis (MS). People who live with MS have to deal with multiple aspects, as well as with the symptoms, of the condition. Like other brain problems, such as mental illness or cognitive disorders, MS has a profound impact on society.