How true crime shows are impacting the justice system

Trial by TV is criticised by some, but others insist it has the potential to overturn miscarriages of justice that would otherwise go unchallenged

F1 wants America to be its ‘Land of Liberty’

The race track at Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas

The US has traditionally been a tough market for F1 to crack, but it’s high on Liberty Media’s agenda

Digital disruption: Media giants fight for content

David Haye boxing

Media and technology heavyweights are slugging it out in a fight for content which could see the biggest hitters win

Sport is ahead of the game in media innovation

By harnessing a range of new technologies, sport is blazing a trail in media and entertainment

How rivalries in media mergers are shaping the future of TV

Amid a flurry of mergers and acquisitions, powerful rivalries are shaping the future of TV

China’s media industry could rival Hollywood

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Fast developing its media and entertainment industry, China is set to rival Hollywood

Mainstream media must counter fake news

Donald Trump has branded the CNN network as “fake news”

US President Donald Trump is sidestepping the traditional media by tweeting official pronouncements on social media where fake news rivals his fake tan

Tech trumping traditional media

Vintage photo of people reading the newspaper on the train

The UK media and entertainment sector is buoyant, kept afloat by new digital technologies which pose an existential threat to established outlets