Race is on as tech shakes up capital markets

The next decade or so could herald more changes in the capital markets than in the past 40 years and only the most innovative players will survive

Playing it safe in the strange world of coin offerings

Initial coin offerings are democratising finance, but unless the sector can bring about reform, the disruption may be short-lived.

Where the smart money went in 2016

Gold wine and bitcon smart money investments

They may be surprise winners, but there are always hidden gems to be found in world markets. Here are five…

Digital holds key for EU’s return to growth

Anthony Walker - Deputy chief executive at Tech UK

The European Union can thrive by creating a single digital market to compete with the United States, China and India, says Antony Walker, deputy chief executive of techUK

MINT nations face urgent challenges

Professor Anil K. Gupta, of the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business, and Haiyan Wang, managing partner of the China India Institute in Washington, assess prospects of the so-called MINT nations

Keeping risk under control

Minimising risk in export markets through management best practices should maximise returns, writes Elliot Wilson, who points out the pitfalls

When in Rome or East Asia

Exporters should adapt to the local culture and business etiquette in their target markets, as Elliot Wilson discovers

Private equity’s $1.2 trillion question

Private Equity's $1 trillion question

Cash from private equity is available for investment in unprecedented amounts but, as Elizabeth Pfeuti discovers, fund managers are adopting a more disciplined approach following the financial crash