Why take any notice of the political polls?

Many polls ahead of the 2015 general election predicted a Labour win or hung parliament; the Conservatives won with 38 per cent of the votes to to Ed Miliband and Labour’s 31 per cent

After a series of bad calls, can pollsters salvage their reputation and get the general election result right?

EU data regulation will govern the UK despite Brexit

EU data regulation post-Brexit

Brexit or no Brexit, the UK will next year be subject to new European Union legislation governing data privacy

International trade: where human insight is still in demand

A phone vendor beside his stand at Computer Village, a consumer tech market in Lagos; the proliferation of smartphones in emerging markets such as Nigeria is generating massive amounts

As two-way trade takes off between developed and developing markets, the appetite for human-driven business intelligence is growing

Is digital market research ever enough?

Times Square

From loyalty card data to online buying behaviour, Google searches to website clicks, the digital explosion is offering up vast amounts of information about consumers and voters

Seeing things through the eyes of consumers

Vox pops recorded by consumers have become a quick and costeffective way for researchers to gather public opinion

Mobile technology and fly-on-the-wall digital video research are proving to be a breakthrough in understanding the behaviour of previously difficult-to-reach consumers

‘In an age of big data, the message of quality over quantity remains incredibly relevant’

“Post-truth politics” is the term coined by political pundits and journalists to describe where we currently find ourselves

The impact of automating market research

Automating market research can get things done faster and cheaper, but care must be taken to safeguard quality when designing the necessary software

The need to base business decisions on data not intuition

Experience and intuition are valuable assets, but increasingly business leaders are waking up to the need to base decisions on data and analytics