What is the future of offshore wind?

With the price of offshore electricity plummeting as the industry scales up, wind farms are now a major part of the UK’s total energy mix

Is wave energy the most reliable renewable?

Energy from tides and waves could satisfy the world’s power needs, yet harnessing it on a commercial scale remains a dilemma for many of the tech startups in the space

Creating opportunity through coastal communities

The UK is inextricably tied to the seas that surround it. Some 95 per cent of all trade is carried by ship and through UK ports; half a trillion pounds-worth of goods pass through our ports each year

Don’t underestimate the force of water power

As an island nation, the UK has a largely predictable power source on its shoreline which should not be underestimated

UK Wind & Marine Energy Business Barometer

Now in its third year, the UK Wind & Marine Energy Business Barometer is the UK’s leading measure of business sentiment in the renewable energy sector