Risk roundtable: what the experts say

Thought leaders from across the sector and academia discuss risk management and resilience in a fast-moving digital age when board members need to keep pace with business transformation

How risk preparation protects businesses from natural disasters

Flooded roads in Texas after Hurricane Harvey

Hurricanes, flooding, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, bush fires – all wreak havoc and dislocate global supply chains, but a disaster doesn’t have to shut down business

Are companies ignoring the risk that matters most?

It is easy to blame a rogue employee for a crisis but the real cause is often deeper

Map supply chains for turns in the road

Managing the many risk factors that have the potential to disrupt a supply chain is no easy task, but a strategic approach can mitigate the impact of natural and man-made calamities

Ensuring you get paid for exports

With market volatility resurfacing, resulting from concerns over the Greek economy and a slowdown in China, companies have been reminded of the importance of reviewing their payment policies

Integrate risk to balance the books

Companies are increasingly being urged to adopt integrated reporting, identifying business risks as well as opportunities, writes Rob Langston