Why work needs to be worthwhile

Work culture

A meaningful corporate mission looking beyond profits will set companies apart in the future world of work, as employees align themselves with organisations promising a greater sense of purpose

Why more perks won’t guarantee engagement

“We need to make bigger heroes of these type of employers which do treat staff fairly, with dignity and where everyone shares the rewards for hard work”

Change is the new normal

Transformation projects used to be singular events; now change is an everyday part of life so businesses and their leaders constantly need to adapt to thrive

Flat structure vs hierarchy: does either work?

Experiments in scrapping command-and-control management structures have not always been a success, so is there another way of empowering staff?

Avoiding culture clash in mergers and acquisitions

Resolving cultural issues within organisations is an essential part of any successful merger or acquisition

Great middle managers need emotional intelligence

david brent the office middle managers

They are often lambasted as figures of fun, but middle managers can hold the key to success

Culture where risk is understood

Risk cannot be eliminated in business, but nurturing the right management culture can keep it under control, as Charles Orton-Jones reports